Workshift Book


Workshift provides a detailed blueprint for organizations transitioning into the virtual workplace where employees are always connected, and work is no longer a destination. The intent is to provide practical lessons on why (and how) some organizations are further ahead, and what all organizations can learn to realize the potential of the virtual workplace. Specifically, Workshift will detail essential factors that determine success, including the following:

  • Determining business drivers and measures of success
  • Technology and organizational readiness gap assessments
  • Developing a robust Workshift strategy
  • Establishing buy-in and stakeholder management
  • Creating a systematic approach to implementation and acceptance management
  • Determining and monitoring success and individual and organizational metrics




‘A must read for any business leader who is looking to implement more flexible working arrangements. The step by step approach and accompanying case studies provide excellent tools to help an organization make the cultural shift.’ —Laura Croucher, National Leader, KPMG People & Change Solutions

‘At last, a practical and user-friendly book about one of the most exciting and profound changes in today’s workplaces. This diverse team of authors has highlighted many inspiring business case studies spanning multiple industries and countries, supported by cutting edge research findings. This book is a must for organizations at any stage of adopting and enriching flexible and mobile work initiatives.’ —Laura Hambley, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor Industrial/Organizational Psychology, University of Calgary, Canada, and Partner with consulting group The Leadership Store

‘If you are developing a Workshift program, this book is for you. The diverse perspectives and expertise of these authors contributes to a holistic framework that is guaranteed to work. This is not only a great ‘how to’ book, but it is full of relevant stories and case studies that truly deepen the readers’ understanding and confidence. Yes, your organization can Workshift too!’ —Kate North, Vice President, Global Development, and Global Chair of Workplace Evolutionaries

‘The authors have assembled a smart blueprint that helps us understand the human and societal aspects of the changing workplace from a myriad of often overlooked perspectives, both current and future. Workshift goes beyond the 20th century managed-flexibility program to a workable model organizations can wholeheartedly embrace for the 21st century.’ —Jody Thompson, co-author of the bestselling book Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It

“With a myriad of technologies including mobile and cloud applications available to help today’s businesses and individuals be productive it opens doors for opportunity, efficiency and innovation in designing effective business cultures and workstyles. WORKshift offers a practical guide for those businesses who are ready to take advantage of the changing (sometime unpredictable) nature of work.”—David Potter, Marketing Manager, Canada, Citrix



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