3 Key Questions for Implementing Change

Whenever an organization implements telework, flexible work options or any alternative work structure, it always involves a significant amount of change.  Before attempting to change the organizational culture or change how your team thinks about certain ideas, ask yourself these 3 key questions:

  1. What behaviors need to change?
  2. Who will need to change?
  3. What will help them make these changes?

The questions seem fairly simple, but they will help you keep your focus before developing any detailed change management plan.

An important note: for the third question, be sure to consider the things in the organization that are countering any behaviors you are trying to encourage.  For example, a company I knew purchased expensive video conferencing systems and wanted employees to start using it.  However, the company had a very open travel policy, allowing employees to travel across the country for whatever need, even if it was only for an hour meeting.  Why would employees flock to use video conferencing when they could always go and meet in person.  A policy change was needed to help encourage the desired behavior.

– Jason


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