Celebrate National Telework Week: March 5 – 9, 2012

Next week is the second annual Telework Week, sponsored by the Telework Exchange.  It’s a chance for all organizations, both public and private, to  join the telework movement, whether that means trying it for the first time or expanding existing telework programs from pilot to an enterprise-wide program.  Interested individuals or organizations can pledge their commitment to telework by going to the Telework Exchange website

Some quick benefits from the roughly 31,000 pledges so far:

  •  $2.6 million in total savings by telework next week
  • $129 million in total savings by teleworking for the entire year
  • 3 million pounds of pollutants saved during the week

Telework Week provides a good opportunity to get your leaders and organizations involved in telework.  In recent posts I’ve mentioned how hard it is to affect organizational culture and overcome resistance.  Use next week as a reason to get people out of their comfort zone, even if it is only for a week.  Leaders and employees may find that work practices used next week should be continued throughout the year.


Happy celebrating,



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