Help for Road Warriors: Finding Office Space When You Are On The Road

When people think about telework they often thing of workers based in a home office or remote location.  We tend to forget about the mobile workers, those that truly work from anywhere – from airports to hotels to a corner in Starbucks.  Road warriors, those mobile workers constantly on the go and zigzagging their way across the country, sometimes that coffeehouse bench is not good enough.  They need a real office, at least briefly.  Several websites have popped up to help frequent travelers (or even those that need to get out of their home office) find a temporary workspace. 

All of the sites are free to join, you pay based on the type of space you need and how long you need it (by the hour, day, week, or month).  Here’s a quick rundown of some available resources:

  • LiquidSpace ( This site is connected to available office space in a few dozen sites in the US and a few abroad.  Find everything from business centers to private meeting rooms to co-working sites.   Also has a nice mobile app for your phone.
  • LooseCubes (  You can find a co-working space with LooseCubes or if you are a business with some space to share, lease out your vacant space to others needing a place to work.   The site shows pictures of the available spaces and the rates.  Search functionality lets narrow the list of locations based on your specific needs or availability (day, week month).
  • OpenDesks ( Through this site you can find and book spaces to meet or work, as well as locate public spaces nearby (lobbies, cafes, etc.).   Similar to LooseCubes, you can share a space as well.  Global locations also shown.
  • Regus ( According to their website, they are the largest provider of workspace solutions.  They operate in over 500 cities across 85 countries.  They also provide additional services such as Virtual Office and Virtual PA that provide dedicated business addresses, mail and call handling. 

Know of another similar site?  Let me know so I can add it to the list? 

See you on the road,



One Response to Help for Road Warriors: Finding Office Space When You Are On The Road

  1. With the modern options of shared and virtual offices its great to know that wherever you are their are flexible options available for workers who are never in the same spot. Great article highlighting the options that many people are unaware of.

    Sometimes working from a hotel is fine, but when you’re meeting clients or staying longer than just a few days, meeting space and having a message system and organised space can make a huge productivity difference.

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