4.26.11 What Can a Dancing Shirtless Guy Teach You About Telework?

Watch this quick 3 minute clip, originally presented at a TED conference by Derek Sivers.

What Derek talks about in the clip can be applied to any initiative within an organization.   I think there are a number of lessons here for virtual leaders:

  • A leader has to have the guts to stand out and look ridiculous. When everyone else is criticizing telework, will you be the ‘lone nut’ that experiments and tries it?
  • Be easy to follow and be public.  No fancy technology needed to work in the virtual world – just stick to the basics.  Broadcast what you are doing within the organization.
  • If you want to create a movement or organizational change, you must cultivate followers.  The first followers create the momentum.  You must share what you are doing and encourage others around you to try.  Or, if you find that lone nut in your organization you can be the first follower that joins in.

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